Why we are the best?

As a well oriented institution in the field of food and beverage we always make sure that that our customer are been served the best. And also all our cuisines are cooked by well experienced chefs to fulfill our customers desires and satisfaction. Our chefs are well trained and experienced to serve a world class taste. We are one the upcoming Best restaurant and best hotel in India. Our products and ingredients used in restaurants are high in Quality and some of them are imported from many countries to meet the origin flavor of the food. And also the service provided in our restaurant is by the well trained staffs to provide a good customer experience.

We are proud to say that we are the one and only shelter which serves more than 101 types of briyani under roof in the world. Also the taste of the food is unmatchable with any another food chains. We are only restaurants to provide the real flavor of the Arabian Food with the exact taste and style. Most of the word famous briyani's are available in our restaurant, such as : Mandhi , Qoozi (Quzi Briyani), Mutton ,Chicken and Dum briyani , Aeshu Leham , Irani Briyani , Kuwaiti Mandhi , Lebanon Mandhi , Omani Mandhi , Majboos and All kind of Hyderabad briyani . And also some of our Ancient style and rare types of briyani's are available over here. If any one list top ten biriyani in chennai or india, Al Haytham biriyani always take a place

Al haytham restaurant's only goal and the vision is to provide the best briyani in anna nagar , best briyani Chennai , best briyani in tamilnadu and best briyani in India. Every cuisine will have its unique taste and flavor with Alhaytham's special touch. We provide all kinds of biriyani in worldwide such as Indian, Arabic cuisines and Food, Chinese and all other. Our vegetarian foods are cooked separately to serve and fulfill our vegetarian customers taste. Our briyani are made according to standard method with hygienic. They prepared to the method which will contains the taste and the flavor which the customer is really wanted to have.

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